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My top lingerie picks.

When I decided to gather the following companies to make my top 10 favorite pick I wondered about several aspects that I believe are important when we buy lingerie, loungewear or small pieces.

Having worked as a lingerie designer myself and as a founder of my own company for several years, I know how important it is to offer a product that is attractive, comfortable and affordable.

Another factor today is in my opinion, an unavoidable consideration. While it wasn't really when I was creating for my company in 2022 ,it is now part of the many questions that an informed woman asks herself before buying any clothes or accessories. That is: Where does the product come from? Under what conditions it made? What materials are used? etc

For a few years now certain companies have, thankfully returned to more ethical practices and business models. Today the choice of materials, labor and the entire production chain are part of the new questions that a company must face to stay in business.

It has become impossible or I would even like to say irresponsible not to take into consideration the origin of the products we consume. With all the information we have access to today, it is our responsibility to make better choices for our future and the future of our children.

Some companies are leading the way by turning to better alternatives. Whether for fairer conditions, the choice of more ethical materials or for a clearly more eco-responsible production.

Obviously, it is difficult to achieve a perfect score, but some companies like the ones I want to share with you have done so or are very close to this perfect score. In addition to offering practical models, they offer current, varied styles at fair prices which is admirable in my opinion.

Here are the lingerie companies that have me buzzing right now:

Araks offers colourful models that are easy to wear. Chic materials such as silk charmeuse and subtly sheer cotton crepe are delicate and ultra comfortable. Lingerie, sleep and swimwear are among the various products offered from Araks. Without compromising the beauty of their styles, the company is committed to significantly reducing its carbon footprint.

In addition to constantly improving with the help of different partners, they have a common commitment to a better world.

I don't know if you're like me but I love bodysuits! When I find a company that makes them to my liking I jump on the occasion. Kat The Label is my favorite for what I call my little essentials. Delicate, silky and elaborate, their proposed models are all adorable. The brand also offers beautiful panties and bras.

As much as I often let myself be seduced by lace, silk and all the embellishments of certain pieces of lingerie, I find a simply cut cotton panty really sexy. The contrast seduces me and I am convinced that when you discover this line of underwear made of organic cotton you will understand what I mean. But wait, in addition to offering simple and pretty panties, this brand is the first company to offer fully compostable panties. Plant your pants is their tagline, the most brillant tagline about a clothing item I’ve read so far and that is doable. Think about it, what is more ethical than being capable of planting your panties? KENT lingerie, I love you!

Yes, you have to dare La Fille d'O!

For those who think that men don't wear lingerie, think again! Because with this brand, you might want to get some for yourself.

Naughty, modern, provocative this is a line for everyone. It will make your grandmother laugh, amuse your friends and seduce our non-gender ones.

Monsoon Blooms, is a line that you first need to follow on IG.

Soothing, gentle and energizing are just a few words that came to mind when I landed on their social platform.

This line of small pieces made of Rain-Fed Handloom Cotton, linen and more is essentially dyed with plants, by hands, is free from chemicals, synthetic dyes and artificial bleaches. Monsoon Blooms completely charmed me for all the products they offers and even more.

Laces, vibrant colors and sexy silhouettes or NAJA for connoisseurs.

NAJA mainly focuses on variety of bras and panties. In addition, like all the others mentioned in this article, they are part of the circle of those who want to create environmentally friendly lines. What is also good about this line is that it primarily employs single mothers or females of households and offers them advantages above market wages and health benefits.

Based in Brighton, UK Luva Huva offers both lingerie pieces in unique colours, such as navy, but also body oils, jewelery and a whole range of loungewear. Once again I was pleasantly surprised to discover simple models with fluid lines.

In conclusion, what I like and admire about the different lines selected here is that each of them represents women not as a sexual object but as a real women. The ''perfect'' silhouettes are absent and most of models smile. They look real, happy and alive.

Finally, the thing that struck me the most is that the brands that I chose all made me feel good when I reviewed their websites. I felt like I was watching something beautiful, authentic and real. I sincerely hope that you will take the time to discover the various collections offered here and find your favorite pieces among them.

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