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Champagne & Amuses-bouche

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Le champagne est le seul vin qui laisse les femmes belles après boire. - Marquise de Pompadour

I've always loved bubbles and it's no secret to my lovers and close friends. Champagne, good or even quality bubbles are for me an essential choice for a successful day or evening. Several appetizers can accompany your favorite bubbles. Sweet or savory, these will be an excellent combination to taste your Champagne. I chose for the creation of this image my essential and easy to assemble amuse-bouche. I like light, delicate seafood-flavoured starters. The blinis, small pancakes, with smoked salmon and caviar are both savory and delicious. If you want to make your pancakes yourself I suggest this recipe that I found HERE For the ingredients to buy. 1. Fresh cream, choose the best! La Poissonnerie La Mer has some very good ones. 2. Caviar of your choice. I like several types of caviar to accompany the blinis. It's up to you to choose the one that will turn you on the most and that will suit your budget. 3. Seaweed is often used to decorate my dishes or my fish starters. Several choices in Japanese shops or fishmongers. Herbs like dill or shiso are also a happy alternative.

Finally you put it all together at the last minute. The fish should be fresh but not too cold. Pancakes can be slightly warm or room temperature. Cold caviar and seaweed.

Don't forget to keep the Champagne chilled in a bucket. Have fun and take the time to taste!

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