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Cream and White Clothes

C L O S E T   T H E R A P Y

MARCH 2023, I'm offering this service at a special price: 125$ per session. 

​The Closet Therapy approach is an excellent way of connecting again with yourself and the everyday clothing you're wearing. 

  • Rearrange your closet wardrobe and accessories.

  • Selection of essential pieces.

  • Take off clothes that are no longer needed.

  • Identify what is really missing from your wardrobe.

  • Create a series of new and trendy looks.

  • Session are in English or in French.

  • Include a 20 minutes talk in order to analyse your needs and what you are expecting for your Therapy session.

  • 2 hours + 20 minutes in total.           

Step by step, I will guide you and help you to reorganized your closet in order to release stress and bring joy into your daily dressing. After all, it is the first place where we all start the day after the morning coffee.

I will define with you, what are the important pieces, which one to keep, what are the items what you don't need anymore and should give away.

Together, we will create a peaceful place for you to be yourself enjoying the clothing you're wearing.

Want to give it a try?

Closet Therapy: Services
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